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July Kitchen Promo

It's been too hot this past month to do much, other than pant like a dog and drink iced coffee like a fish. Still, the great weather has been brilliant for those of you running summer building projects - no rain, no mud, no waiting for things to dry - means builds are actually running on time this year.

So now we are into July, and it's Kitchen Promo Season. From 30th June 2018 until 31st July 2018, we’ll give you a complimentary sink cabinet when you spend £8,000 on our kitchen cabinets. And if you spend £15,000, we’ll include one of our Neptune taps and the sink too.

The shrewd among you will spot that getting your kitchen designed and ordered this month - even if you don't need it til later in the year - will save you a hefty chunk of cash.

Neptune Kitchen July Promo Salisbury

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