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Traditionally made, timeless timber kitchens

Why invest in a Neptune Kitchen?

Having a new kitchen is one of the most exciting things you can do to your home. But it’s a big investment. You want to be sure it’s worth it, that it’s going to endure, and that it's beautiful.

  • Solid timber frames, every single cabinet has proper jointing the whole way around – top to bottom, corner to corner, side to side.

  • Neptune is Wiltshire born and Wiltshire bred, and to this day, it’s still where we design all the kitchen collections.

  • Made from materials that will stand the test of time - Neptune offer a lifetime guarantee.

How does the design process work?

Simply arrange an appointment with Neptune by Wilton Kitchens or visit the showroom near Salisbury,  and explore the  different kitchen collections. After an initial consultation to discover your needs, vision and budget. Austin Harragin, who has been designing kitchens and interiors in London and Wiltshire since 2002, will start to bring your ideas to life. If you like what you see, a quote will be produced before taking it further to refine the final designs. 

How much does the average Neptune kitchen cost?

Every kitchen and every wish list is different – shapes vary, layouts differ and must-haves move about. But to give you an idea to work with, we say that a fully fitted Neptune kitchen including cabinets, appliances and worktop costs between £25-50k.


Can I get bespoke cabinets from Neptune?

In a nutshell, yes. If you’ve got an awkward nib or nook that you need to work around, if you need us to alter the dimensions of our cabinetry to make it work better for your space, or if you have an idea for something that’s not in our main collection, that’s where our Wiltshire-based bespoke workshop comes in. Just speak to your kitchen designer about creating made-to-measure pieces.

Do I have to have the standard cabinetry paint colour?

We can arrange for your cabinetry to be painted in any colour of your choice. Neptune has a range of 28 beautiful shades and your choice of Neptune paint is included in the service charge.

Book an appointment or visit our showroom today!

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